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//all animations are at this vimeo album

 is for sphere, dome, freedom, kingdom

Each student was asked to create a short narration – as an infinite zoom type of animation, exploring the subject of outer space journeys and conquer.
Animations were designed and made to be experienced as a dome projection mapping. To support the students with knowledge and inspiration, numerous visits at the Copernicus Centre’s planetarium were organised. We were guests at exclusive talks, got specific guidance and runned several projection tests in small and large scale.

The pubic preview of the project was held in a small test dome, at the Multimedia Studio, as a part of New Media Art Department final exhibition, the 30th of june, 2017. Animations’ target environment is The Heavens of Copernicus planetarium, where the premiere is planned to be held.

photo documentation

Project’s art and tech guidance: Olga Wroniewicz
PJAIT 2017