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Mesophase is a transition state between liquid and solid. In my work I contrast macroprojection with microcosm – to explore a world that can’t be seen, and only in great magnification reveals its beauty. I took inspiration from my interests in science: biology, chemistry and physics. I wanted the audience to feel immersed in a new, unknown dimension.

The animation was created in TouchDesigner – a tool for real time graphics and data analysis. It’s a rather specific programming environment with a touch of its own atypical interface. I had to get to know it from scratch for the purpose of my MA project. I created the system allowing real-time modifications of 3D graphics with the use of a MIDI controller. This documentation showcases the core animations projected in the dome of The Heavens of Copernicus’ planetarium in Warsaw. Due to the upgrade of the projectors set at Planetarium during the production of my work, life modifications have not been possible at the moment, but the system I created is fully responsive and editable in realtime.

Nina Mikulska, 2017

music: Distope

2017 MA work
main promotor: dr hab. Anna Klimczak
subsidiary promotor: mgr Olga Wroniewicz
TouchDesigner instructor: inż. Tomasz Miśkiewicz
tech promotor: dr Krzysztof Kalinowski

photo documentation by Damian Śmigielski and Nina Mikulska

presentation of the process: @ issuu