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Aleksandra Chodakowska-Malkiewicz, MA diploma work’s documentation

„ACM: MRI interactive mandala” is a multimedia installation, which can work as a perfect meditation tool. By creating their own symmetrical and colourful mandalas, accompanied by sound, the audience can experience a moment of self-reflection and self-awareness. However, these are not traditional mandalas, since they are created by modifying the sequence of photographs taken during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the author’s head.

Aleksandra Chodakowska-Malkiewicz, 2015

MA diploma work @ Multimedia Studio, New Media Faculty, PJIIT (PJATK)
main supervisor: dr hab. Anna Klimczak, prof. PJATK
subsidiary supervisor: mgr Olga Wroniewicz
assistant: inż. Tomasz Miśkiewicz

Couple of countless possibilities of mandala’s looks: screens