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Interactive videomapping inspired by japanese art of origami.
The project „Input [:velocity]>>grid” is a collaborative work by Tomasz and Mariusz Miśkiewicz and was created specially for the Night of Museums at the PJWSTK Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology (May, 2014).
Tomasz Miśkiewicz has been on a work placement at the Multimedia Studio since 2014, during which he has made many individual multimedia projects.

Animation in background: Modular videomapping by Zuzanna Grzegorowska, 1st year New Media Arts Masters programme student. Animation was created for videomapping purpose, as part of the Basics in Animation. Multimedia course, led by Olga Wroniewicz

video: Monika Pietras, Michał Dolny, Damian Śmigielski
editing: Damian Śmigielski

The project was projected onto PJATK’s main building fascade, during the Night of Museums, May 2014.
The material is part of the PJWSTK Multimedia Studio archive.

Documentation was produced with the support of private funds from supporters of the Multimedia Studio.
Multimedia Studio @ SNM PJWSTK 2014