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Video mapping installation designed to be experienced as an augumented sculpture. The work was presented at the Night of Museums @ PJWSTK Warsaw, Poland and at Need for Street Festival, Warsaw, Poland in 2013.
Team work of three BA SNM PJWSTK students. Each of them designed and animated a third of the whole projection. Animation was post synced to the music by Patryk Dmoch, who was also a part of the team.

Project initiated and developed during the BA Animation diplomma studies programme by mgr Olga Wroniewicz in Multimedia Studio SNM PJWSTK, with the support of Multimedia Studio’s staff.

Joachim Fusiecki – 00:05 first part of animation, building object

Zofia Goss – 00:54 second part of animation

Patryk Dmoch – 01:42 third part of animation, object concept

music: Patryk Dmoch

video & editing: Olga Wroniewicz