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All animations above were mapped and beemed onto PJATK’s main buiding fascade during the Night at the museums, Warsaw, Poland, may 2014. Collective video mapping project created by MA students at Multimedia-Animation Principles course (PAM) 2013/2014 @PJATK, Warsaw. Every student created a bunch of short animated loops – moduls. All loops were shared to everybody in the class, and became a material for various narrative sets. Some of those sets were documented and are available to watch above. Assignment design, instructions, implementation by Olga Wroniewicz. The project was one of video mapping sets and interactive projects created for the Night at the Museums by Multimedia Studio @PJWSTK, 2015.

Photos of all Multimedia Studio’s projects presented during the Night at the Museums @ PJATK, 2014 @ our flickr account.