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Petra Kolaříková
Petra Kolarikova gif 2014

Animated GIF repeated in foreground and background of this page by Petra Kolaříková.
You can watch Petra’s videomapping show documentation, based on this, and couple of other loops of hers here.
Created as part of Modular Videomapping project, Night at the Museums, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, 17th of May 2014. Modular mapping project was an assignment held and designed by Multimedia Studio @ Art of New Media Faculty.

Every student designed a couple of short animated video loops to be fitted into a Polish-Japanese Academy’s main building fascade layout. All the loops were passed to everybody to be re-used.
Based on PJAIT fascade’s grid, different samples could be mixed and matched, translated, layed out differently, creating animated patterns. Some other samples as animated gifs at our tumblr.

Videos documenting some of the narrative sets are available to watch here.

The resulting compositions of loops were presented as over 10 separate videomapping shows.
Furthermore, all the single loops were treated as a VJ-show feed: they were played and edited live.