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Wola by Light is an interactive LED installation in the underpass under the tram stop Zajezdnia Wola located in Wola — the western district of Warsaw. This place is the representation of urbanist design from the twentieth century in which pedestrians must go underground to leave the space for cars above. This place used to be full of life but today it’s filled with emptiness and darkness and people want to go through it as quickly as possible. The project is an artistic intervention which aims at making the walking through this scary tunnel more pleasant. The LEDs that I put in geometric pillars create the pulsating animation but only when someone is in front of them. This is because in artist’s opinion artwork can not exist without spectators and the public space is lifeless without people. A person can quickly pass the tunnel and the lights will follow them in the motion of waves but a person can stop and see their representation in the pulsation of light.

Mateusz Król, 2022