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Ewelina Czarniecka, MA diploma work

360 panorama – photorealistic simulation of how the waiting hall of Warszawa Śródmieście railway station would look like if it hasnt been carelessly devastated and extended over the years.
Looking through VR glasses, or just scrolling through 360 panorama, lets you look around and compare between the real present state and the cleaned-up photorealistic illusion of how the station would look and feel like if it wasn’t neglected. The retouched view is available freely to everybody: on google maps / street view.
Warszawa-Śródmieście station, located underground, in very center of the city, was built in 1955 in modernist style. The design was carried out in close cooperation between the architect and the head-designer of decorations: famous polish artist Wojciech Fangor. Fangor designed a series of dynamic mosaics covering cielings and walls of the station. The decorations are still present, but while not being conservated, are being devastated by common vandalism as well as the lack of care from the authorities.
The project adds up to allready present voices to treat valuable polish architecture and public space art created after WWII, during the comunist era, with care. It is also a voice in the debate of how the space the citizens are living in affects their lives. The VR simulation immerses the interactor in uncluttered space where one can appreciate holistic work of architects and decorators.

More about the architecture and decorations at the station (polish).

MA work @ Multimedia Studio
main supervisor: dr hab. Anna Klimczak
additional supervisor: mgr Olga Wroniewicz
Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technologies, New Media Departament