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Projected during the Night of Museums, Warsaw, 19th of May 2012.
Made especially for this event by students of Art of New Media Faculty, Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology, Warsaw, Poland.
Video Mapping was an cooperative assignment of two classes’ students:

Multimedia SNM lead by Anna Klimczak (MA)
Animation SNM lead by Olga Wroniewicz (BA).

The task was to create a short animation for projecting it at school’s main building. Students were told to use only three colors: black, red, white. Subject given: Godzilla vs PJWSTK. Video mapping „Godzilla” was also a subject of contest. Jury: Prof. Marian Nowiński (head of SNM faculty), Prof. Anna Klimczak, Olga Wroniewicz, chose 3 works for ex aequo 1st Prize, and decided to give 4 Special Mentions.
1 st Prize (ex aequo): Aleksandra Rutkowska, Wioletta Maleszyk, Agata Wierzbowska
Special Mentions (ex aequo): Aleksandra Jakóbiec, Zuzanna Kapuścińska, Łukasz Nejman, Maria Święcicka
students, whose works also were screened: Michał Niziński, Zuzanna Kowalska , Maria Napiórkowska, Ula Pelc , Michał Sapieha, Joanna Taracha, Rafał Waszczuk

faculty members animation:
Agata Moryto, Olga Wroniewicz
video, editing: Olga Wroniewicz

music: Larsen B & Ganymed – Godzilla (Swiss Grounding Mix)