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Aleksandra Stodulska, MA work, 2016

“Lazy Eye”, also known as amblyopia, is a vision development disorder in which an eye fails to achieve normal visual acuity even with prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. Amblyopia begins during infancy and early childhood. In most cases, only one eye is affected.

The “Lazy Eye” installation by Aleksandra Stodulska is based on the artist’s personal experience. Through a series of studies, she has created a visualization of how the text is perceived by the disabled eye. The work deals with the issues of perception and concentration, but also the excess of information, confusion and discrimination.

Aleksandra Stodulska (PL), born in 1992, a graduate of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw. In her works, she refers to own experiences and observations of the world and to the way in which individuals function. She is fascinated by nature, time and man. In 2016 she had her first solo exhibition in the Medium Gallery in Warsaw. She has also participated in the International Biennale of Digital Prints in Gdynia (2016) the National Biennale of Students’ Graphics in Poznan (2017).

text’s source: WRO 2017