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The ‚Nightmare’ project was inspired by dreams and the world of the imagination. A daunting tunnel is a record of nightmares, where viewers can take part in a never-ending journey, and also affect the image dynamics. Their body movements are recorded by kinect and change the optics in the space in real time. The visualisation was made using the Unity platform and was shown on a spherical screen, which enhanced the 3D effect. Ultimately, the artist’s aim is to show the project on a large scale, e.g. in a planetarium. ‚Nightmare’ by Joanna Ostrowska is her master’s degree project from the PJAIT Multimedia Studio in Warsaw, 2020. Pre-release interactive showings were held at the Bunkasai Festival at the Center for Creativity in Warsaw (2019) and during the Night of Museums at PJAIT in Warsaw (2019).

Joanna Ostrowska, 2020

Principal Project Supervisor – Prof. Anna Klimczak, PJAIT; Assistant Supervisor – Olga Wroniewicz, MA; Technical Supervisor – Rafał Masłyk, MSc; Theoretical Supervisor – Dr. Monika Murawska; assisted by Damian Ziółkowski, MA, Tomasz Miśkiewicz, BSc.

diploma presentation slides [PL]