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Architecture responds to many needs, while its most important task is to meet the psychosocial needs of people. Man is also the starting point in any architectural project, as well as some kind of crowning of this process by being a user.
Polish sociologist Aleksander Wallis recalls that „through an object of architecture, we mean a designed and constructed material setting for a separate physical space, intended for specific use by individuals, social groups or communities. Thanks to the architectural setting, the separated space becomes capable of satisfying various social needs and becomes a cultural space from the physical space.” The designed buildings should be able to meet certain biological and cultural social needs.
The works included in my diploma take up the subject of the oppressiveness of contemporary architecture towards the individual – man. Photographs are not only meant to inspire the recipient to reflect on the interference of architecture with human autonomy, but also with the feeling of some kind of passivity and hopelessness. The problem of the existence of the individual in the urban tissue is strengthened by features characteristic of the modernism era – modularity, repeatability of simple, geometric shapes.
Depression. Oppression. Encirclement. Apathy. These are the emotions that I wanted to make visible through these works.
The effect is intensified by the created animation, which is an attempt to change from a two-dimensional world to a three-dimensional world.

Aleksander Małachowski, 2019