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2013 diploma work by Agata Wierzbowska

Virtual cookbook – application controlled by gestures tracked in realtime by kinect sensor. Prototype of the product, that could be seamlessly integrated into modern kitchen’s layout. No more stains on the precious paper cookbooks during cooking: application allows to choose products, scroll through selected recipes without the need of touching anything. Application is extendable and adjustable to one’s preferences. When in stanby mode, the layout gently dimmes and slowly fades in and out recipie’s thumbnails. The grid is designed to fit the specific kitchen tiles, the screen’s borders are integrated into kitchen’s horizontal wall design.

main promotor: Prof. Anna Klimczak
instructor: mgr Olga Wroniewicz

additional help: Michał Buczyński-Pałka (internship)
tech promotor: mgr inż. Krzysztof Wołk