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The title of the project is a clear reference to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining: remember redrum? All the following collerations: red, intense, being closed, reverse (eg. in Kubrick’s film: horror in bright spaces) come up with this title.

After the „room” though the ² squaring symbol goes: this stands for multiplying surfaces by themselves: a boosted square becomes a cube.

All the participants of this project got the simplest setup to begin and end with: a single red sphere in the center of square canvas. That basic layout became a playground for exploring 3D space.

The major challenge of this task was to achieve an illusion of space and depth not just by using certain software tools, but by conciously using design methods and knowledge: to create a sense of spatial relations and surprise, in a brief loopable form. We were discussing different methods to achieve that along the way: various design theories (eg gestalt), trompe l’oeil, ma & mu, positive vs negative space, inner vs outer, convex vs concave, empty vs packed, singularity vs multiplicity etc.

To help the participants focus on those particular problems, and to achieve coherence of all the animations, the color palette was reduced to red, white and black only.

Everyone was to create 3 loopable animations.


Than we took the results to another level: we decided to check, how those spatial samples would work if they were treated as videomapping samples. For that purpose another AE template was prepared: to let everyone see how their animations would look like if projected onto a cube’s inner or outer corner. All the animations are planned to be exhibited as cube-based videomapping installation.

The project was designed especially for Olga Wroniewicz’s The Animation Principles. Multimedia course. The course is obligatory for 2nd year MA students, and is a part of Multimedia Studio’s programme @ SNM PJATK, Warsaw.

couple of redroom² animated gifs here

all animations @ vimeo album here