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video & AR by Olena Mohylna

The exhibition is an attempt to look at the process of shaping the artistic personality. The base material for creating the exhibition were biographies written by the students. The title of the exhibition, AR_U ? contains information about the technology used, i.e. Augmented Reality, and is also an abbreviation of the question: Are you …? This open phrase became a motif for considering identity, while at the same time encouraging the artists to reflect on the changing value of written text.

Anil Demir
Polina Shved
Olena Mohylna
Alicja Kamińska
Adrianna Malinowska
Aleksandra Baczyńska

social media photos: Aleksander Małachowski

Multimedia Studio team:
Anna Klimczak
Olga Wroniewicz
Tomasz Miśkiewicz
Damian Ziółkowski

special thanks for help in the organisation of the exhibition:
dr hab. Ewa Satalecka, dr Piotr Nowiński, mgr Piotr Sieciński, mgr inż. Jan Jedliński, mgr Maciej Połczyński, Tomasz Kuzaka, Tomasz Mach, Marcin Żakowski, Bartosz Białkowski, Janusz Gałda, Ada Jedlińska, Magdalena Kałamajska

AR created with ZapWorks software. Available to experience via free Zappar app.
Behance case study of the project
work-in-progress photos & graphics of the project