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Who is the man in the era of technology and social media?
The work is an attempt to answer this question. It shows the idea of the human condition in the information society, the symbiosis of a man and technology. Indicates new opportunities that progress brings, and the danger – we become dependent, we feel a constant need to have the internet access. We cut off from the real world, our life moves into the virtual world. My project is a shirt with a graphic symbol – an illusion of depressions in the fabric. Using Junaio hidden apposition can be read – a sphere covered with noise. The bullet that grows with us, reflects the technological area that interfere in our personal space, becoming an integral part of our body. Simultaneously, the work refers to the term „global village” invented by a Canadian theorist Herbert Marshall McLuhan. The sphere covered with noise is a metaphor of rapid flow of information on the globe and increasing globalization. Barriers are overthrown – temporal and spatial barriers. The whole world is literally at our fingertips.
Maja Sienkiewicz, 2015

t-shARt = t-shirt + AR (Augmented Reality) + Art (New Media Art)
The goal of this project was to design a united series of augmented t-shirts, commenting on student’s point of view on MULTI-MEDIA & NEW MEDIA.
Every student created a graphic marker and an augmentation (animation / 3D object).
t-shARt project is available to view and interact with through free AR app JUNAIO, for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Just look for t-shARt @ MUT SNM channel, or scan our QR-code.