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Video documentation was captured during Night at the Museums, 2014, PJATK Warsaw and project’s tests at MUT Studio.
„Illusion” was mapped with big scale projector to the Polish-Japanese Academy’s fascade. Projection was available to interact with for all the visitors at 17th of may 2014 night.
Project „Illusion” was created by Bartłomiej Gadzała as a 1st year MA asignmnent at MUT Studio. The main purpose of the project is to introduce, help understand and let experience optical illusion phenommenon to the installation users.
The sprocket on the screen, moved by installation user’s movement, seems to rotate, even though it is just translated in x and y axis.
Installation is based on realtime human tracking technology (kinect sensor), Processing, and NI Mate software for interpreting Kinect data via OSC communication.
DP: Monika Pietras, Damian Śmigielski, Michał Dolny, Olga Wroniewicz
editing: Bartek Gadzała
music: Bartek Gadzała
2013, Pracownia Multimediów SNM, PJWSTK, Warsaw
main supervisor: Prof. Anna Klimczak
assistant: Olga Wroniewicz
trainee: Tomasz Miśkiewicz