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Spheredom, PAM

1st grade MA, NMA PJAIT students, all going through Principles of Animation, Multimedia course, are finishing their final works now. SPHEREDOM project was designed to encourage the students to look deeper into 3D space illusion – using different methods of visualizing it. Every week we are honing animation and CG skills, often with a nice little result 🙂 Here: a render of the latest excercise by Agnieszka Opalińska. Stay tuned, as final works are going to be exhibited in our studio soon!

Seigaiha rules

New project in progress! 1st year MA students are visualizing principles of animation on canvas of a traditional japanese pattern: seigaiha. Loops are now being prepared for the second stage of a project – interaction! to be carried on at Multimedia Studio. Stay tuned!

Loops @ Vine

New video mapping samples @ our Vine! Natalia Smoczyńska designed a whole series of samples. Than she composed the samples to create a video mapping experience: ?D Video mapping documentation available @ our vimeo.