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Spheredom, PAM

1st grade MA, NMA PJAIT students, all going through Principles of Animation, Multimedia course, are finishing their final works now. SPHEREDOM project was designed to encourage the students to look deeper into 3D space illusion – using different methods of visualizing it. Every week we are honing animation and CG skills, often with a nice little result 🙂 Here: a render of the latest excercise by Agnieszka Opalińska. Stay tuned, as final works are going to be exhibited in our studio soon!

PJApocalypse projection mapping

Another projection mapping spectacle created by our students was beemed onto PJAIT’s fascade during the Warsaw’s Night at the Museums, may, 14th. The piece above by Aleksandra Stodulska, Multimedia Studio’s student.
PJApocalypse is a new ongoing project designed by Olga Wroniewicz for Multimedia-Animation course @ PJAIT. All the present 2nd grade MA students had been working on their individual projection mapping narrations for the whole final year of their studies. Works are now being documented and will be published by the end of the semester. Stay tuned!

Resonate 2016

The Multimedia Studio is playing an active part in the 2016 Resonate Festival, which is to be held on 12 – 16 April in Belgrade, Serbia, and which is one of Europe’s most significant new media festivals. The event is a broad debate on the functioning of technology in art and the wider creative industries.

Taking part in the festival are world-class artists, scientists and teachers who, over four days, will hold a wide range of conferences, show interactive installations and give multimedia performances. Additionally, an important part of the event is the specialist workshops run by professionals from around the world.

Over the years the Multimedia Studio has taken an active interest in selected multimedia events in Poland. Participating in such a prestigious festival provides, however, a unique opportunity to gain new experience in the creative use of new media and look at current trends in the development of the visual arts and digital culture.

The Multimedia Studio will be represented by the following students:
Nina Mikulska
Paulina Moneta
Maciej Stępniewski

and staff:
Olga Wroniewicz MA
Tomasz Miśkiewicz MEng

The trip is organised by the PJAIT

// PL

Pracownia Multimediów bierze aktywny udział w Festiwalu Resonate 2016.
W dniach 12 – 16 kwietnia odbywa się w Belgradzie (Serbia) Festiwal Resonate, który jest jednym z najważniejszych festiwali nowych mediów w Europie. Wydarzenie stanowi debatę na temat funkcjonowania technologii w sztuce oraz szeroko rozumianym przemyśle kreatywnym.

W festiwalu biorą udział światowej klasy artyści, naukowcy oraz wykładowcy. W ramach sześciodniowych spotkań odbywają się konferencje, prezentowane są instalacje interaktywne oraz działania performance. Istotnym elementem są także specjalistyczne warsztaty prowadzone przez profesjonalną kadrę z całego świata.

Pracownia Multimediów od wielu lat obserwuje oraz uczestniczy w wybranych wydarzeniach z zakresu multimediów w Polsce. Udział w festiwalu o tak wyjątkowej randze stanowi jednak unikalną okazję zdobycia nowych doświadczeń z zakresu kreatywnego zastosowania nowych mediów oraz przyjrzenia się aktualnym kierunkom rozwoju sztuk wizualnych i kultury cyfrowej.

Pracownię Multimediów (wydział Sztuki Nowych Mediów/ PJATK) reprezentują studenci:
Nina Mikulska
Paulina Moneta
Maciej Stępniewski

oraz prowadzący:
mgr Olga Wroniewicz
inż. Tomasz Miśkiewicz

Wyjazd organizuje PJATK

fot. Ralph Larmann
fot. Ralph Larmann
fot. Derivative
fot. Derivative
fot. Derivative

On the 7th of February Multimedia Studio’s assistant Tomasz Miśkiewicz took part in the TouchDesigner Euro Summit 2016 in Berlin. The Summit was an oportunity for the european TouchDesigner community to meet with Derivative (creators of TouchDesigner). During the meeting there were multiple presentations and lots of interesting discussions.

Most of the Summit participants went to see DEEP WEB a  kinetic audiovisual installation and performance by Christopher Bauder and Robert Henkepresented within CTM Festival 2016 in collaboration with Kraftwerk Berlin. The installation was absolutly stunning! It was produced with.. TouchDesigner!



We are excited to announce that Joanna Chichocka a graduate of the Multimedia Studio as a co-author of the ASIUNIA app is the brains behind an innovative startup Wandlee! Wandlee is an artificial intelligence algorithm for communicating with clients through Facebook. We are very proud, and wish Wandlee all the best!

Be shure to check out http://wandlee.com/ and the FB Fan Page Wandlee Polska.

Seigaiha rules

New project in progress! 1st year MA students are visualizing principles of animation on canvas of a traditional japanese pattern: seigaiha. Loops are now being prepared for the second stage of a project – interaction! to be carried on at Multimedia Studio. Stay tuned!

Multimedia are…

1st interactive project of the 1st year MA students : AR graphics+animations open to public @ Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technologies, C building. Grab your smartphone or tablet with free Junaio app, look for makrers and experience! Celebrating the final days of Junaio app 😉 so hurry– exhibition is available only till December, 15th.

TouchDesigner workstation

We are happy to announce, that since this semester, Multimedia Studio owns an mobile edu license of Derivative TouchDesigner. We have also acquired a new, powerful custom-built PC to meet Touch’s high demands. ACM:MRI interactive installation, an MA graduation work of our fresh alumni – Aleksandra Chodakowska-Malkiewicz, was created in TouchDesigner. The app was running on MUT Studio’s new hardware.

Loops @ Vine

New video mapping samples @ our Vine! Natalia Smoczyńska designed a whole series of samples. Than she composed the samples to create a video mapping experience: ?D Video mapping documentation available @ our vimeo.

MUT Studio @ cinema

Interaktywne projekty eksperymentalne z zastosowaniem videomappingu, rzeczywistości wzbogaconej, systemów śledzenia…

Posted by ANIMATOR on Monday, April 20, 2015